Craft your Light

Some carry a light to show the Way,
For others to follow behind,
Some carry a Light to light their own Path,
without regard to others’ Mind.

For everyone’s journey is not the same,
although we may want it to be,
So keep on talking and carrying your Light,
It will set a lot of Souls free.

Fear not of that which you need to say,
it’s probably part of your mission,
Fear not of being viewed as different,
or being the brunt of derision.

For who you are is of need to all,
especially to those like me,
For what’s in your Heart is your greatest gift,
Let it out for all to see.

–Author Unknown

A person’s path is never stick straight and without pot holes. It bends around hills, swerves around detours, and gets stuck in construction. Sometimes there are little MPH signs to tell you to slow down and actually take a LOOK at where you are traveling, other times it lets you figure it out on your own. I’ve been following such a path, though I have to admit on more than one occasion, it feels like I’ve been taking the scenic route. Or better yet, I’ve been stuck idling in perpetual YIELD.

While experiencing that metaphorical YIELD, my dear friend Jaymi who is adept at tarot, gave me a career card reading. In the end, what I had to do to prepare was to embrace The Hermit. The Hermit is the wise old person who guides and seeks. Who follows the light Divine set forth, but also holds the lantern the light emanates from. I am always seeking, but the time has come for me to embrace the mastery of my craft I know I am capable of attaining. But to do that, I must take hold of my inner strength and heart and step outside my comfort zone.

So. Here I am.

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Ember K. Miller is an effulgent mutant who haunts the Pacific Northwest with her fire-tressed mane, her geeky gnosticism, and her love for all things margarita green. On days that she's not performing her tasks as a licensed Unicorn Wrangler or a Zombie Caterer, Ember is a priestess and legally ordained ULC minister. Her current mission is searching for the spiritual inspiration and creativity she has inadvertently misplaced. Curiously motivated and bewildered by all things shiny (and loves to reference herself in the third person), she’s hoping to rediscover her Craft. View all posts by Ember

One response to “Craft your Light

  • Jeremy

    I love the metaphors in the first paragraph. I’ve always had the most trouble with English class in school. I think you’re honing your craft very well.

    What’s my craft? I’ll have to say drawing and photography. Learning languages is a big one, too.


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