One Unto Herself

Ember K. Miller (aka “Mutant”) haunts the Pacific Northwest with her fire-tressed mane, her independent nature, and her love for all things margarita green. She considers herself an effulgent mutant, a distracted writer, and a geeky gnostic.

A priestess and legally ordained ULC minister, she is searching for the spiritual inspiration and creativity she has apparently misplaced. The last time Ember recalls seeing it was around her vibrant early 30’s and she knows for certain it wasn’t left in the ice box, nor did it fall behind the couch to commiserate with the dust rhinos or hidden cat toys.

Curiously motivated and bewildered by all things shiny and creative (and loves to reference herself in the third person), she’s hoping to rediscover her own Craft by following the Hermit Lantern’s light. The journey will be a kaleidoscope of emotions from funny to odd to provoking to thoughtful to downright messy, and in the end Ember aspires to re-align with her divine, spanky spark.

Twitter: mutantember

Thanks and credit goes to mree’s Steampunk Dress-Up.


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